Peitzman Weg LLP Newsletters

Fall 2013

  • Privacy Hurdles In Bankruptcy
  • In Pari Delicto - A Forceful Defense
  • Case Alert — The Twilight Zone

Spring 2013

  • Crossing The Twombly/Iqbal Evidentiary Pleading Threshold
  • Drafting A Plan To Preserve The Estate’s Valuable Causes Of Action
  • Bankruptcy Court Rules City Of Stockton Is Eligible For Chapter 9

Summer 2012

  • Corporate Officers Accountable For Decision Making
  • The Supreme Court Settles Split On Right To Credit-Bid
  • The Loop Case And Its Potential Impact On Cramdowns In Chapter 11 Cases

Fall 2011

  • Can You Sail Into The Safe Harbor?
  • Circuit Courts Split Decisions On Credit Bidding

Spring 2011

  • Between Possibility And Plausibility:  New Federal Requirements Influence Bankruptcy Litigation
  • Circuit Court Rules On When IP License Is An Executory Contract
  • Stalking Horses: When Is A Break Up Fee Appropriate?
  • Creditors and LLCS:  Membership Interests And Derivative Standing

Fall 2010

  • Lenders Beware:  The Turning Tide Of Lender Liability
  • Contingent Equitable Indemnity Claims Dischargeable In Bankruptcy
  • Eighth Circuit Rejects Clear Channel Decision

Spring 2010

  • Managers Risk Potential Liability Under FLSA
  • Supreme Court Declines to Resolve Circuit Split
  • Environmental Bankruptcy Mess
  • Terminating Sanctions To Stop Abusive Litigation Tactic

Fall 2009

  • Triangular Setoffs Impermissible Under Bankruptcy Code?
  • Effectiveness of Unauthorized Postpetition Transfer of Real Property
  • Executory Contracts in Entertainment Bankruptcy Cases
  • Ninth Circuit Addressed “Insured vs. Insured” Exclusion in D&O Policy

Spring 2009

  • Can Infringement Claims be Discharged in Bankruptcy?
  • Bankruptcy Court Finds that Debtors’ Stub Rent Obligations Must be Prorated
  • Fiduciaries and Hired Restructuring Consultants Risk Liability
  • Debtors’ Transfer of Property Interest to Bona Fide Purchasers is Not Void or Voidable

Fall 2008

  • Intercreditor Agreements in a Bankruptcy Context
  • Lien-Stripping Subject to Appellate Review
  • Ponzi Schemes, Profit Payments and Fraudulent Transfers

Spring 2008

  • Inadvertent Disclosure
  • Damage Claims for Breach of Lease Maintenance Obligations
  • Recent Developments:  Bankruptcy and Intellectual Property
  • Practical Tips for Asset Purchasers when Assuming Liabilities

Fall 2007

  • Recent Developments
  • Bona Fide Purchaser Under 11 U.S.C. § 544 (a)(3)
  • Fiduciary Duties and the Vicinity of Insolvency
  • Application of Settlement Payment Exception to LBOs